When You’re in the Waiting Room. . .

What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be.

Ah, the infamous waiting room . . . the place where, supposedly, hurrying up to wait is synonymous with patience (I’ve often wondered if the word ‘patient’ is derived from the word ‘patience’). Er, well, never mind. . . .

The reality is, I no longer wonder why a waiting room isn’t synonymous with “waiting patiently”. If you ask me, being a ‘patient patient’ is far too tall of an order and one I’d rather not fill, thank you. “Lord, don’t You know I’ve got issues with ‘SLOW’??  Another lap around Mt. Sinai seems a heck of a lot easier and if You don’t mind, Lord, I’d prefer the easier route. This whole ‘hurry up and wait’ thing is beyond old . . . .”

“At least I won’t be sitting in the waiting room of unfulfilled promises with little more to do than twiddle my thumbs . . . . At least I won’t be just sitting still in the place of hope deferred, the place of hope delayed.”

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